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Sky Blue Dragonfly Mini & Lynx Intro Book || Self Expression



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Meet Lynx’s best friend, Dragonfly Mini! Dragonfly Mini joins Lynx on her journey to welcoming empathy and normalizing her feelings. This cuddly creature offers a loving reminder for children that all our emotions are important, and that they can bravely embrace their sensitivity. This mini comes with Lynx, Trust Yourself: An Introduction to Self Expression.

Young children often grow up with messages to tame and quiet themselves. Lynx's story teaches children that using their voice to speak their truth is a gift to the world and encourages them to be bold, brave, and to speak up for themselves. Share the adventure with Lynx in this interactive board book with 12 illustrated pages. This board book reminds children to be bold, brave, listen to their inner voice, and speak up for themselves.

Made in Vietnam

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