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Playclips || Set of 4


Playclips make fort-building and make-believe play easy! This newly sized 'Tall' Playclip fits perfectly in a child's hand while having an even sturdier grip than ever before.

Children will use Playclips to clip Playsilks, Playcottons, and sheets, firmly together and onto imaginative play scenes. Tall Playclips are approximately 3.5 inches tall

Fort building with Playclips is easy and fun! Children of all ages will use them to fasten Playsilks, Playcottons, and other play materials to all kinds of objects.

Developing the senses with Playclips comes naturally. Children will instantly pick up on their practical utility and experiment with gripping, squeezing, and fastening!

Handmade of Maple wood in California, USA, our Playclips are all-natural toys that are healthy for your children and healthy for the environment.

Care: Wipe down and clean using a drop of soap and lukewarm water.

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Playclips || Set of 4


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