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Sumo in Blanket


Sumo is sleepy but the night is cold and all he has to keep him warm is a teeny tiny blanket... The award-winning "Square in Bag" puzzle has been reimagined as a whimsical fairy tale made of fabric and bamboo. With only two pieces and a simple goal, Sumo in Blanket may appear to be an easy solve but looks can be deceiving. To complete the puzzle successfully, the bamboo square must be totally covered by the bag—on all sides. It's not easy, but once you discover the proper method of tucking Sumo in, you'll be eager to share with friends.

Each puzzle includes a 5" square bamboo board and a hand-sewn blanket (bag) from vintage Japanese fabric of a random design. 

Created by Iwahiro (Hirokazu Iwasawa).

Made in the USA.

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Sumo in Blanket


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